Expert’s First Four Steps to Slowing Down the Aging Process

June 15, 2016

Expert’s First Four Steps to Slowing Down the Aging Process

One word: Anti-aging. It’s what so many people, especially women, worry about as they get older. You can’t stop it, but you can slow it down. The Senior Vice President of Infusion Sciences and developer of Dewberry Lotion, Linda Collinson, has four tips on how to do exactly that… and they are all natural.

No medical procedures or face-lifts here:

1. Make sure you take a good fish oil. I like Cod Liver Oil. It has Omega-3 and Vitamin A and D. All are great for the skin and cool inflammation and redness.

2. Topically, I like Hyaluronic acid. Buy plain Hyaluronic acid… not one with a bunch of ingredients.

3. DMAE is a great anti-aging product. It comes from Choline, which if taken internally, it helps regulate mood and helps memory. Topically, it can have wonderful anti-aging properties. It increases elasticity and firmness. I suggest buying plain DMAE 3%.

4. Estrogen plays a big part in keeping skin young. Older women loose estrogen, so the skin becomes dry, wrinkled, and thin. Have your hormone levels checked and if they are low, find a doctor who will prescribe a natural form of estrogen. There are also some topical products that have estrogen in them which helps a great deal with skin problems.