How Taking Your Vitamins Can Make You Better in The Bedroom

June 15, 2016

How Taking Your Vitamins Can Make You Better in The Bedroom

How Taking Your Vitamins Can Make You Better in The Bedroom
Health and Nutrition Expert has a list of vitamins that are key for a peak performance

Budge Collinson bets this isn’t what your mom was talking about when she said ‘take your vitamins’, but the founder of the easy to take, and natural, multi vitamin powder, Youth Infusion ( @ InfusionScience ) , says taking some key vitamins can help you in the bedroom.
Health and nutrition expert Budge Collinson says before going the artificial medical route, TAKE THESE VITAMINS:

1. The “Sex Vitamin” Team- Vitamins E & C
Vitamin E is said to aid in the production of sex hormones, which aids in attraction, desire, and mood. It also prevents age and disease, which of course indirectly boosts the longevity of anyone’s sexual lifestyle. Some women prefer to use Vitamin E as a lubricant during sex to heighten their experience considerably. Always make sure that the Vitamin E will not reduce the effectiveness of a condom, if using one, as latex is prone to disintegrate with certain oil-based lubricants.

Vitamin E needs the help of Vitamin C to achieve some of its circulatory benefits in the arteries and on sex drive. If you can’t add enough vitamin C with dietary changes, look for a supplement that draws from natural sources such as citrus fruits.

2. The “Viagra Substitute”- L-Arginine
This amino acid has been called a Viagra substitute for men and women. It works in both sexes by boosting the amount of blood flow through those whoopee-making organs. The increased blood flow for the man will offer him a longer, stronger erection, while for the woman it can aid in heightened stimulation. Men can take L-Arginine in herbal pill form, while many women report the best results are achieved by applying a cream directly where it counts

3. For Your Desire – B-complex vitamins
Vitamins B-1, B-2, B-3, B-5 and B-12 can help increase sexual desire. These types of vitamins directly affect blood flow, much like vitamin E. Vitamin B-12 is often used to boost mood and energy levels in people who experience mild depression symptoms. B-12’s mood enhancing benefits are helpful in the sex life as well.

4. Want to Moan? Need Testosterone Vitamin – ZINC
Zinc is required for testosterone production, and testosterone is a major component of sexual desire in both men and women. Sexual desire wanes dramatically when testosterone levels are low in either sex. Foods that are rich in zinc include spinach, pumpkin seeds, garlic, and the classic aphrodisiac, oysters.

5. Fertility Booster(and then some) – CO Q 10
Research shows that this Vitamin improves sperm factors and fertility. It also preserves brain dopamine which relates to desire and libido. One of the biggest risk factors for sexual issues in males is high blood pressure. One meta-analysis, which is a study of many studies, found that CoQ10 was significantly reduced high blood pressure.

Budge Collinson’s Youth Infusion ( ) contains all of these vitamins!
In all, Youth Infusion, a natural anti aging supplement, contains 35 key nutrients to live a healthy, active and sexy lifestyle. It is Doctor recommended as well.
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