Make the change – 3 Reasons Why You Should Drop the Sunscreen, Pickup the Coconut Oil

June 15, 2016

Make the change – 3 Reasons Why You Should Drop the Sunscreen, Pickup the Coconut Oil

Most people don’t know coconut oil is a natural sunscreen. It is! So, why should you use it instead of those sunscreens you see on display at the store? Linda Collinson, the Senior Vice President of Infusion Sciences and developer of Dewberry Lotion, offers these reasons:

1. It has a SPF (sun protection factor) of 10… which is for a period of 10 times longer than you would have been in the sun without sunscreen.

2. Coconut oil has NO chemicals

3. Coconut oil moisturizes the skin

Linda Collinson Bio
In 1975 Linda’s her new baby son, nicknamed Budge, contracted salmonella poisoning in the hospital. He was very sick and doctors told her he would always carry the bacteria in his body as no cure was available. Linda would not accept this and began researching everything she could to learn about the disease. She went to the National Library of Medicine and read through many books eventually coming across a report that vitamin A is vital for the development of the body’s barriers to infection. She started by bottle feeding juiced fresh carrots daily to her son. Periodically her son was tested and after several months a test came back negative for the bacteria. The doctor thought surely it was a false negative. She eventually cured her son so Linda became a believer that nature had a cure for every ailment.

Linda had always suffered from sensitive, irritated skin and thought maybe there was a natural treatment. Through trial and error and researching the vast list of ingredients of various skin products sold in department stores and drug stores, Linda discovered the various available products offered by a multitude of manufacturers all contained ingredients that actually contributed to her dry, irritated skin – most products contained mineral oil, a petroleum product, that does the opposite of hydrating the skin. Linda knew there had to be a better way to care for her skin. She finally found a soothing formula that worked great. Friends and family began asking what she did to have such pretty skin and wanted whatever it was that she was using. Before long, supplying more and more people through word of mouth confirmed her intuition that there were many who would benefit from her formulas. In 1981 Linda founded LaCrista (meaning the best) Natural Skincare to market her natural skincare formulas that worked so well for her very sensitive skin. Linda landed her products on the shelves of WalMart, Sams Club, Giant Food, The Cosmetic Centers, and other notable retail stores in the U.S. and abroad.