Mother-Son Nutritional Experts Share Tasty Ways to Stay Hydrated and Healthy in this Dangerous Summer Heat

June 15, 2016

Mother-Son Nutritional Experts Share Tasty Ways, You May Not Know, to Stay Hydrated and Healthy in this Dangerous Summer Heat

Summertime temps in the area in there are continue to rise. It’s sure to be a hotter than average summer We’ve all heard “make sure you drink a lot of water to stay hydrated” but some people can’t, don’t or won’t do it.

Linda and Budge Collinson are a unique tandem of expert exercise and nutrition professional. They have produced from their kitchen table best selling skin care products and vitamin supplements.
The Collinsons have a few easy and tasty options & tips to help your viewers beat the heat:

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1. Heat Wave Foods
Eat nutrient and water dense foods like salads, berries, and other fruits (oranges , bananas, pears) and veggies (tomatoes, celery, spinach) They are easy to digest, water based and can replace electrolytes. Watermelon actually has too much sugar.

2. Sea Some Salt.
This one may be hard to believe, if you are outside too much…Sea Salt will help you. Taking a teaspoon of sea salt is great for maintaining essential sodium levels when excessive sweating occurs. Contrary to popular belief, sea salt is actually relatively low in sodium and contains a complete array of trace minerals.

3. Pass ON the Caffeine
Minimize diuretics such as coffee, common energy drinks and alcoholic drinks as they all contribute to vital water loss leading to dehydration and fatigue.

4. Stay Cool, Not Cold, with Your Water
Drinking cool, not cold, water can enhance absorption.
Six to eight, eight ounce glasses of water is a base of what an active individual should consume. In a heat like this, half your body weight is not a bad idea.

5. Don’t forget to Take Your Vitamin… Supplements.
Replenish Nutrients with natural vitamin supplements.
Using a vitamin supplement that dissolves in water is perfect. It’s easier than taking a bunch of pills and pushes you toward the all-important water consumption.

Budge Collinson Bio
Budge Collinson is the President and Founder of Infusion Sciences, a health and wellness focused improving health, natural energy and sustainable wellness. Budge, who grew up in a household where the natural way was the only way. His mother Linda founded the LaCrista Natural Skincare company while he was still in elementary school. Budge began learning about alternative methods to health and wellness early on, and after a lifetime of personal experience with natural remedies , found the Infusion Sciences company — continuing the Collinson family tradition of prolonging health, longevity and quality of life.
Budge earned a B.S. degree in Food and Resource Economics from the University of Florida while completing numerous classes in the area of nutrition, science, and food processing. After achieving an NASM certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine in 1998 while furthering his nutrition and physical performance knowledge, Budge became a member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M) in 2002.

Linda Collinson Bio
In 1975 Linda’s her new baby son, nicknamed Budge, contracted salmonella poisoning in the hospital. He was very sick and doctors told her he would always carry the bacteria in his body as no cure was available. Linda would not accept this and began researching everything she could to learn about the disease. She went to the National Library of Medicine and read through many books eventually coming across a report that vitamin A is vital for the development of the body’s barriers to infection. She started by bottle feeding juiced fresh carrots daily to her son. Periodically her son was tested and after several months a test came back negative for the bacteria. The doctor thought surely it was a false negative. She eventually cured her son so Linda became a believer that nature had a cure for every ailment.

Linda had always suffered from sensitive, irritated skin and thought maybe there was a natural treatment. Through trial and error and researching the vast list of ingredients of various skin products sold in department stores and drug stores, Linda discovered the various available products offered by a multitude of manufacturers all contained ingredients that actually contributed to her dry, irritated skin – most products contained mineral oil, a petroleum product, that does the opposite of hydrating the skin. Linda knew there had to be a better way to care for her skin. She finally found a soothing formula that worked great. Friends and family began asking what she did to have such pretty skin and wanted whatever it was that she was using. Before long, supplying more and more people through word of mouth confirmed her intuition that there were many who would benefit from her formulas. In 1981 Linda founded LaCrista (meaning the best) Natural Skincare to market her natural skincare formulas that worked so well for her very sensitive skin. Linda landed her products on the shelves of WalMart, Sams Club, Giant Food, The Cosmetic Centers, and other notable retail stores in the U.S. and abroad.