Dewberry Lotion

Linda’s Dewberry Lotion gives long lasting relief of dry, Chapped skin. Natural ingredients including Hyaluronan and Beta Glucan provides deep moisture retention. Great for sensitive skin.

What Makes Dewberry Different?

Dewberry Lotion stands out in the sea of similar products in several ways.  First, it was created by Linda Collinson out of her real necessity to find a hypoallergenic lotion that wood not irritate sensitive skin and that did not contain harsh chemicals.  At the time of its creation, there was nothing on the market of its kind making Linda a pioneer in the field of natural skin care products.  
Dewberry lotion has stood the test of time and can proudly boast combining skin soothing, non-irritating ingredients with some of the most powerful anti-aging agents: hyaluronic acid, beta glucan, and caprylic acid.  These three natural ingredients are proven to nourish skin and fight the various signs of aging while simultaneously being gentle enough for all skin types, a fundamental aspect of the product.  
Dewberry Lotion is incredibly affordable proving that effective anti-aging products don’t have to break the wallet. Compare Dewberry Lotion to products containing the same age-fighting ingredients and you will see that you the costs are staggering by comparison!  
Because Dewberry lotion is natural, non-irritating and made with the finest, most effective ingredients, it can be used on every part of the body.  There is no need to spend extra money buying one cream for your eyes, another for your face and yet another for your body.  One Body. One Lotion.
Dewberry is great for men and women.  Men are seeing the same beneficial effects of Dewberry Lotion as women so there is no need to clog the sink with separate products.  Everyone in the house can use Dewberry!

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