Our Story

Mother and son team, Budge and Linda Collinson are driven by high values, persistence and the desire to give people all natural, effective products.

It all began when Budge was diagnosed with a life-threatening infection as an infant. The doctors were pessimistic about a cure but Linda did not take no for an answer. Instead she set out on her own to find a natural cure. To the doctors’ astonishment, she achieved her goal and weeks later, Budge was free of the infection. This was life changing moment for Linda, “I was never the same and I never took no for an answer again,” Later when confronted with skin care products that contained mineral oil, parabens and other toxic ingredients, Linda once again set out to create an all natural solution, skin care that was gentle on the skin and could be used on the body and face.

Years later Budge, a fitness enthusiast, recognized the need for a natural vitamin cocktail of anti-aging and immune-boosting ingredients. Following in his mother’s footsteps, he diligently researched specific ingredients and came up with Youth Infusion which is void of sugar, artificial colors, artificial sweeteners and other inferior ingredients. Youth Infusion became the drink of choice by Hollywood legend, George Hamilton.

“We have one major thing in common when it comes to creating quality products and that is determination! We both recognized gaps in the market when it came to the best quality, natural skin care and later, the best quality, natural dietary supplement. When we didn’t see what we wanted, we created it, shared it with friends and family and at the urging of those we love and care about, we made these products available to anyone who wants the best and will not settle for anything less.”